California… No, America is vulnerable

Carlos Morales
11 min readJun 19, 2020
U.S. President, and China President shakes hands
Trump formally shakes hand with China’s Xi Jinping

Right now, we’re in the midst of a economic downturn, even if you don’t realize it. We are being attacked from all sides. All this may even have started back in 2016, when U.S. was having a nation-wide election. It may have even started long before the elections started. I’ll explain in just a moment. In 2016, we were supposed to elect a new President of United States. I went into the election, not realizing what was really going on behind-the-scenes. Politics has always been dirty, but boy. 2016 was the dirtiest election that I’ve seen in my lifetime. You have two political parties fighting for who would take the “Final Fight” lead. (I’ve never heard of that before yesterday, honestly. I learned about it in a YouTube video below.)

Before 2016’s election, you would see political opponents throwing punches at each other via road tours, rallies, press conferences, political ads, and now, Social Media (…And video platforms such as YouTube.) Media has always been biased, no matter which channel you turn on. You need to realize there are only 6 corporations that “control the message.” Wait a minute, how is there only six, when there are thousands of channels? Well, these 6 corporations acquired all of them. Sometimes, they are even joint ventures. Like “The CW,” which is a CBS and Warner Bros-owned station.

The Media is owned by only 6 Corporations.

Now, let that sink in. Let it sink. Think about it. I mean, really think about it. Yeah, it costs a lot of money to operate, acquire, and maintain them all… But, for what? Well, these six corporations can control who can get ad space. These people can control who gets to be famous. These people get to control who to politicize. This is why everyone hates Trump. Likewise, this is exactly why Trump says the things that he does. He knows he’s being taped at all times. He knows everyone is going to write a story about the things that he says, things that he does, and whatnot. You need to realize, that businessmen are marketing people. It’s their fucking job! A politician’s job is also to “market” their brand, too. The other side of this coin is propaganda. I’ll explain this when we go along this story.

This section is focused on the Media. They divide people. They have as much to do with the problem that we’re facing now. Which is why Oprah designed OWN. There is no voice for the black community, which is what Oprah is trying to solve with her OWN venture (no pun intended, that’s actually the name of the network — Oprah Winfrey Network.) Those riots were divided by at least 4 groups. Peaceful Protestors, Rioters, ANTIFA, and of course, Police. I promise I will come back to this at some point, because this is also part of the bigger picture.

Let’s switch gears here. The story is called “America is vulnerable.” The reason why I voted for Trump back in 2016 is more to do with the problems of Democrats than it is to do with what he says or do. However, I do like some of the things Trump did and does. Let’s go backwards here: My family and I moved from California, all the way across the country, to Alabama. I told my family I didn’t want to leave California because I’m a startup founder. At the same time, I understand why we left. When I started my company, I had no idea how small startups were taxed. And, when it did get taxed; both the Secretary of State, and IRS (I mean, by extension, FTB.) wanted to tax me the same way they tax the bigger Corporation, without even realizing that it’s a small startup. They didn’t care. $1800 or face suspension. The reason why I chose a Corporation over LLC is because with a Corporation, you can get more investors, and more investors. LLC sets a limit on how many investors you can have onboard. It’s a complicated system, and not easy for the reader to understand. An LLC is a convoluted mess in my opinion. I went back and designated the “S Corporation” designation, but that was not enough for FTB to walk back on their word. No. They don’t give a shit.

Look, likewise… I don’t give a shit how much money things cost me, as long as I see the upside, and I’m optimistic about the future of my company. I WAS doing good at the time. My mother didn’t believe me. And during COVID19 lockdown, my sites were breaking records and/or are about to break records. This is what I mean, and this is just one site, one example…

CODForums experienced exponential growth during COVID19 lockdown.

See? I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of traffic. More and more users are coming to the site, posting threads, and posts…

CODForums experienced a growth of users during COVID19 lockdown.

Unknown to me, is the rising costs of things in California. Rent went up in just a few months. Looming ahead was a Real Estate recession, where prices would start to rise. I’ll come back to this in just a moment. Gas prices started to go up. The prices of goods went up, too. Even when we moved to Alabama, the price of goods went up, no matter how “small town” it is. It’s definitely cheaper in Alabama, but at the cost of something else. At this point, we’re all waiting for a crash. This crash should’ve happened 2 years ago, if you’re asking me. But, again, unknown to me. Was something sinister, too.

I noticed before I left, I noticed it myself in San Francisco: What’s with all these abandoned stores, abandoned buildings on Mission St. and beyond? I would find out a few years later: The Chinese are buying up these properties. It’s funny, I read an article about how California wants to become its own “country.” [Source] And Gavin Newsom confirmed the notion in 2019. [Source] I never understood why…? And I still don’t. It’s only going to play into China’s hands. It has been confirmed that the Chinese is actively buying property here in United States. Oh, and that’s not all… They’re actively buying into major corporations, and the highest bidder is Tencent. They are buying up everything in U.S: Tencent bought 100% ownership in American-owned Riot Games. [Source] Shortly after the acquisition, the majority attitude of Riot Games’ employees became more, and more hostile towards customers. It’s been accused of workplace discrimination, and harassment. If you want a list of companies they’ve invested in, its listed here.

Moreover, most of the things that you own? All of them were created or produced by Chinese corporations because U.S. corporations want to keep their production costs down, while selling more units of their products per quarter.

You still think that’s all? Far from it. Those pharmaceutical drugs you buy from the counter? China. China. China. 90% of the pills you drink today are China-manufactured.

I went to many pitch events when I was in California. You know what I noticed? Many investors were — take a guess — Chinese investors ready to pay a premium for a startup. How many of those deals in the Startup world do you reckon are owned by a Chinese investor?

We, United States, need to audit where the money is coming from, if we’re going to survive in the next 10 years. Because the next issue is a pattern that I’ve been seeing in Social Media. You already know about the Russian Meddling into elections. It was all over the place in the Media in 2016.

Shortly after the elections, we still saw fake news not just from Media Corporations. (Remember: They’re biased. Only 6 Corporations own all of the newspapers, TV stations, magazines, and whatnot.) It was also happening on Facebook and other Social Media sites. Mark outlined the plan to stop Fake News on his Facebook platform. Before the elections were over, it was against Hilary Clinton. After the elections, the Fake News stories were targeted at Trump and the Trump administration. It’s still intensifying as we speak. Facebook cracked down on those stories, and still is cracking down on them. Twitter, on the other hand is a different beast. Everyone on Twitter is offended over anything, and everything. Normal people call these the “Radical Left” as Donald Trump puts it. But, they have their own classification. They’re not just the “left,” they are often known as “Social Justice Warriors,” or SJW for short.

Most of the trending hashtags were designed by SJW’s: MeToo, GamerGate, and the most recent: “Black Lives Matter,” or BLM. While both #MeToo, and #BLM are worthy, noble causes… They’re exploited for clout. The thing is this, these movements are great.. the problem is there are dumb idiots with very, very low IQ’s. The SJW’s are often very, very stupid. I’m gonna post one video from TheQuartering, and let you decide for yourself…

Why am I using this video as an example? Well, if you pay attention, Domino’s stock price went down after the backlash… over a tweet from… 2012. Sounds… stupid, right? Sexual Assault issues are rising in the wake of #MeToo. Yeah, in fact… Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused of Sexual Assault, where his assistant was assaulted by Tyson in the 1980's.

Thirty. Years. Ago. Let that sink in. 30 YEARS AGO.

Just read this thread if you’re interested. My answer is there if you want to see what I said on the subject.

I promised I’d come back to this, one of the things I mentioned is “Black Lives Matter.” We just had a nation-wide swath of protests across the U.S. and then, across the world. Some of these protests were peaceful, but the other half was riots, and looting. Buildings were burnt down, businesses were burnt down, Postal Offices were burnt down, I mean, it was chaos. Amongst these protests is Whites vs Blacks, White Supremacy vs White protestors, and then, you have ANTIFA.

However, it’s not just that. Blacks aren’t showing their true colors with these riots, either. They’re showing their ugly side, too. Here’s a riot in Dallas, Texas, where a Business owner defends his store. Only to be beaten to a bloody pulp by rioters and looters…

While we’re on the subject of these riots… Take a guess who are not only happy, but also sponsored this new stream of riots? Once again, remember that the Media is biased, and are only going to show footage that favors the democrats’ narratives. Now, you might be asking yourself: Why is that? Well.

Lookie who’s walking in “solidarity” with the black folks? The speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. I’m using quotes for solidarity for a reason. These democrats… they think they can fool the American people that the Democrats are the good guys. Yeah. One week after the riots. Especially after the riots were basically finished in Washington, D.C. While on the other hand…

Trump holds up a Bible in front of a Church, while riots were underway.

Now, make fun of the image (and Donald Trump himself) as much as you want, but Trump did try to at least “stand in solidarity” with the protests. This is while riots were still going hot, mind you. It doesn’t matter whether he brought the wrong bible, or if people are making fun of him, or whatever. His heart was in the right place, while he was doing this. He was putting himself at risk here.

Why am I bringing these two stories up? Because everyone on Twitter, while these riots were going on… were harping on hating Trump and his actions. That image above is a meme for christ’ sake! Social Media is great, I love it, but it’s the people that are stupid. Brainwashed. There is a hivemind on Twitter and most Social Media websites, which is why Democrats are currently winning. If you’re not with that hivemind, you’re cancelled. Which works in favor for Democrats, MeToo, new Celebrities, new rising stars, and so on and on.

Companies pander to these people and don’t realize that they’re not going to buy their products! One negative comment on Twitter can even tank a stock price. I’m telling you, Companies: STOP PANDERING TO OUTRAGE MOBS! They. are. not. going. to. buy. your. products.

The people that complain about your products on Twitter/Facebook/Reddit, are the actual critics, not these stupid SJW mobs. You have to recognize these outrage mobs. Trump fought these people for years, and it came to a head: Twitter fact-checked Donald Trump. [Source] Trump was kinda wrong, and kinda right. While there are fraudulent ballots being sent out, by entities that want to take advantage of an election, the government actually has a list of our addresses, sooo… Take what you will from Trump’s tweet. This actually lends to my point, though. This was obvious favoritism. Because, while this happened, Facebook did not do the same to Trump. It’s because Facebook has supported Trump throughout his 2016 election campaign. Likewise, Mark Zuckerberg was at the White House to meet Donald Trump to talk business.

Shortly after Twitter “fact-checked” Trump’s tweet, Trump signed an executive order to even the odds against Twitter and like-minded Social Media sites. [Source] Jack Dorsey and his team put out notices that explain the reasoning for the Fact-Check. [Source] I don’t believe a single word out of Twitter in those tweets. They were targeted, and I do understand Trump’s anger. Twitter’s moderation team is so poor, that I understood Trump’s anger.

People on Twitter can troll you, and not get any of the consequences once reported. And when people reported me for some unsavory comments which was brought on by those users… I got a suspension instead. Twitter doesn’t moderate evenly. So, yes, I understand. So, if Trump went after Twitter’s employees, then more power to him.

One last takeaway…

Democrats want to be Socialists.

During the 2016 Elections, I remember watching a commercial. It was a woman with a political message. A simple “I’m a Socialist.”

It was met with controversy for all facets of America. From people watching the ad in-person, all the way to electoral college, to online. The thing is, this Socialist attitude started with Bernie Sanders back in 2015 or earlier. He’s currently a front-runner for the Democrat primaries.

This takeaway is an upgraded takeaway that I made in my previous article, titled “Let’s talk about communism and why China is responsible.” Socialism is a modern word for Communism. So, if you identify as a Socialist, you’re a communist. In fact, one of Bernie Sanders’ words describe that “Some dictatorships can solve problems.” Oh, so… gassing up a water main with sarin gas is a great way to “set people right”? Or silencing the press with an ECMO machine, like China does…? You know what, Bernie? I hope you don’t become President, because if people call Trump a “Nazi” now, then you’re going to be worse. People will look back at Trump and say “I’m ashamed of what I said about Trump in 2016.”

If we’re going to improve United States, we’re going to need to look at these problem areas, and Fix Them. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!