Climate Change IS important, but as a policy, it’s meaningless

Carlos Morales
7 min readNov 12, 2021


Recently, Barack Obama took the stage at COP26 to talk about Climate Change. However, his remarks at the event is controversial because of his blunt comments. I’ll post the video in the middle of this article to help along the conversation. In a medium post, his wording was better. However, he’s been harping about Climate Change since before his presidency.

Today, we’re gonna talk about Climate Change, and solutions that don’t require an ink. Over the years, we’ve been hearing Climate Change and Global Warming. This is the Democrat’s outcry since, I don’t know… the early 2000's? It was stupid then, it’s stupid now. I’ll also talk about how this relates to recent events, recent talks all around the world, including this dumbass “reset.”

It’s important to note, that Barack Obama is the one championing Climate Change to help the Democrat’s agenda for this so-called “reset.” President Trump fought back against this, but doesn’t realize that Climate Change and Global Warming is real. However, it shouldn’t be a bill, or policy. It should be more of encouraging humans to do “x,” and help save the planet. You wanna talk about renewables? Fine, but don’t cancel something else in expense of an agenda. I’ll go through the list, and talk about it…

  • Oil — Oil is used for most everyday items, including cooking, vehicles. In my view, this is least consumable item I’ve seen on the list. The only two I’ve seen it in commercial use is cooking, and vehicles. It’s also a disinfectant for humans, in fact it’s used in toothpaste, deodorants, etc.

Sidenote: It’s also used to power your electrics, but you often don’t see this. Heaters use it.

  • Gas — Gas is used for more than Cars. There is no replacements for this. At least, no scientific advancements that would replace the need for gas. There’s lithium ion, but there’s weaknesses to it. There’s windmills, but there’s weaknesses for it. I say the same for those solar panels you see on houses. So, this debate needs to stop. Quit it. We are hundreds of years before we solve this issue. Unless we go to another planet to find another element that is renewable, this won’t be solved. There are about 50 elements on our earth that we’ve known about for years. I took science. I will tell you, our limitations are already at the ceiling. On top of that, many of these “replacements” are expensive. Lithium Ion for example, which powers your favorite electronics? Try buying it on it’s own. It’s anywhere between $50 to $140 depending on the size.

We can use windmills, but the problem is, it requires wind to power those renewable “power.” This does not work under rolling blackouts. No. Or even less windy days. The Democrats in California wants to replace Oil and Gas with these windmills. Uh. Bad idea. Bad. Bad idea. If you’re asking me, this is a backup, or hybrid plan alongside gas and oil. I say the same thing for Solar Panels. Because Solar Panels require, and I put emphasis on “solar” which is “sun” power. It requires the sun to give energy. The problem is, the sun is far away, and doesn’t really give the same “energy” as the molting sun itself. Once again, I think this can be a hybrid with electricity, gas, and oil.

  • Deforestation — I’m not a fan of this, either. But, here’s the thing, this is either caused by nature such as storms (I live in Alabama, where this is the norm.), fires (I lived in California, we have to deal with this every Summer, but this is caused more by oversight by the Super Majority Democrats in California. It’s their damn fault.), and by people trying to plow the land to create a new location. The second part is where I agree with deforestation activists who protest forests being torn down.

Update: I thought deforestation was bad. The forest or at least — TREES provide clean air. Or air circulation. I lived in a house next to trees that flowed pollen into my room. But I DO, and I WILL agree that we need to kill the old trees. I mean, the trees that are actually dying. Here’s an interesting video I saw recently…

Some of the comments are some of the things I said in this article, by the way.

  • Waste — This is one of the easiest, easiest solutions. We have trash bins at every driveway, but many people don’t use it. You will be surprised at how well kept some states are. I see waste in cities, I see waste in small towns, and so on. But this doesn’t require bills, or policies. Encourage people to clean up after themselves. And actually, actually hold other countries to the same standards. Including CHINA. Hey, Obama, did you know that China is dumping garbage into the South China Sea? Obviously, you don’t, because your attitude at the recent COP26 summit is reprehensible. At this summit, you sounded more like a dictator where not necessary. We know Climate Change and Global Warming is important, but not important enough to force other countries to fall within your Paris agreement. Maybe a better approach was to say “we need to do better at managing our waste, our resources, and survive.” Not… “Vote right, or die.” You actually meant: “Vote Democrat, or die.” Look, I’m all for common decency, but the attitude is the rallying cry of the very Democrats that you “support.”

Update: Not even 24 hours later, I discovered a PERFECT video empathizing the point, voila:

  • Power Plants — Again, nothing we can do. There are only 3 renewable energies right now: Gas, Oil, and electricity. Until we can find a better solution than Lithium Ion, which is both expensive, and has a short lifespan. There’s nothing we can do to solve this issue.
  • Oil Drilling — Actually, we have a shortage of this. I don’t know if you realized, Obama, there’s a shortage of Oil and GAS. Your VP, yes, the very same Vice President you had under YOUR administration… SIGNED into law to CANCEL the Xi Keystone Pipeline, and he’s canceling another one! So, I don’t know what you’re harping about. Talk to your Democrat constituents!
  • Transport — This falls under Oil and Gas, and the next subject…
  • Vehicles — We have electric cars, but like I said, these electric renewals have weaknesses that wasn’t, isn’t, and hasn’t been solved. I mentioned Lithium Ion is expensive, but it also has a short lifespan.
  • Consumerism — Well, what are we supposed to do? Not buy products, like the dumbass “Great Reset” morons espouse?
  • Farming — Why? Do you know where corn comes from? Do you know where Avocados come from? Farming! We need to eat. Hello! Common sense.
  • Industrialization — This falls under Power Plants, Oil, Gas, Vehicles, etc. I’m not gonna waste my time here. Nothing to be solved here.
  • Overfishing — Now, this is where I can agree. This falls under “waste” but this time, overfishing relates to the other issues of wasteful food supply. Restaurants are guilty of this. Stores are guilty of this. However, in saying that, as of right now, there IS a shortage of fish due to China’s negligence of the sea. Once we solve this issue, things can get back to normal, but fishing is, was, and will always be expensive. One large fish is in the triple digit range. Basically an auction. Besides, not many countries are overfishing, except for China. There are restaurants in China who are either selling or giving away this “overfishing” supply to suit their communist agenda of pleasing their own people, at the expense of others.

Get your Democrats to vote on these issues before threatening people to vote “right.”

Let’s define what Climate Change is:

a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.

Another defintion….

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, but since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels (like coal, oil, and gas) which produces heat-trapping gases.

Source: United Nations

Now, let’s define Global Warming…

a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.


: an increase in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution

Source: Merriam-Webster (Dictionary)

The issue is that the Paris agreement doesn’t go anywhere. It certainly doesn’t benefit United States. Democrats love wasteful spending, they love wasteful agendas that don’t really mean anything of value. I look at California, and I see nothing that came from the Paris agreement(s). In fact… I saw PG&E pipeline get destroyed by an oversight on the part of the company itself, and it opened the company to lawsuits in the affected area. What did the government do? Nothing. Just swept it under the rug? What if there was a bigger problem like …the usual Summer fires? Their pipeline got hit again. Albeit indirectly by two issues: A gender reveal that was spearheaded by a fireworks show. And the raging fires that was affected by the sun. California reaches 100 degrees fahrenheit, sometimes higher — usually in early, mid, and late august. Sometimes later, in September.

Fix your shit, Democrats.

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