Highlighting 15 stories that may change your perspective about the upcoming World War

Afghanistan and China?

President Joe Biden just withdrew from Afghanistan on August 16, 2020 — and has become a controversial order. We did want to leave Afghanistan. It was time. We overstayed our welcome in Afghanistan. The problem is, it was sloppy, it was not coordinated correctly. Biden just took out the military from the region, leaving Americans, and our allies stranded in Afghanistan. A better coordination would be this sequence: Pull our Americans, then pull our allies, and pull our Military. I don’t think many people care about U.S. equipment left behind, or if we have trained Afghanistan to be soldiers. Originally, we were there to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda. But we stayed there for too long. We should’ve just left about a year after we took Bin Laden. However, the powers that be in government had other ideas. [: CNBC, Fox News]

However, we should not rest on our laurels. We are facing new threats, new challenges, and we are presently in a Cold War. First, we had a pandemic, then we had our own ideological battle. China has been subverting into our culture from all sides. Films, Games, Food, Tech, Internet, Companies, Real Estate, Local and National Government. By proxy, Russia has a hand in the Cold War. Today, I will share 15 stories worth highlighting. Some people like text, some people like auxiliary via audio, video or other styles of learning. I will use a variety of sources to help my article along. Here are 15 stories you need to pay attention to…


With relaxed laws in California, shootings are a norm. Here’s a Good Samaritan being shot in attempt to stop a brazen robbery …in broad daylight.


Meet Kevin is running for governor in California, and responds to a video about Larry Elder who is also running for governor in California. Meet Kevin is a Democrat, and Larry Elder is a Republican. What’s happening here? Well, angry liberal is throwing an egg at Larry Elder, which is not far from the usual in California. Too many blind, stupid liberals in California.

” Fireside Chat

I’ve spoken about Yeonmi Park in a previous post on Medium, here is an extensive interview on being “oppressed” in a totalitarian regime such as North Korea. She also explains the difference between South and North Korea cultures. Americans complain about being oppressed, but Yeonmi Park dispels being “oppressed” in America vs a totalitarian, Socialistic, Communistic country like China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, etc.


In the days before the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th Terrorist attacks, there was a fantastic podcast that I watched — in which I agree with, and have been saying since the pandemic started. The podcast had a fantastic guest: A former mafia legend — Michael Franzese. He talks about everything in the podcast, including the difference between today’s Democrats, versus 70’s Democrats. The Democratic party of yesterday…

I’m gonna say that one more time: .

The above video is a shorter video of a podcast which you can see here.


This is an older video that was released during the pandemic on October 13, 2020. If there’s any video that I would use, to encourage anyone to vote Democrat, it’s this one. Beautiful video.

Read the memo: . . .

Democrats is for the poor, Republicans is for the rich. Democrats want you, YES, … to be an idiot. They want to be stupid. They want to be poor. A loser. I’ll repeat myself: . . . I’ll now introduce an old video, but still relevant to the discussion…


Ben Shapiro explains Communism, Socialism, and/or Dictatorship.

Joe Biden went authoritarian with the Vaccine Mandates. I get we gotta stop the pandemic, but this is about control, and telling you what’s what. Socialism is about going towards that totalitarian control. That’s what communism is, which is why I call . Dictatorship — Socialism-Communism-Authoritarian. . . . When you are a late-stage communist country, you are a totalitarian country. Full stop.

You want freedom, or do you want “Papers, please”? If you have a vaccine card, you’re covered. But if you have a vaccine card… To jail you go. Or something. I am not completely sure. However, is cancel culture at maximum. This is if you have a vaccine card, you can be fired, suspended, or be forced to resign or quit. You can even work with no pay.

That’s videos in a row that I can prove that the Biden Administration is going towards the Socialist direction. If is not enough to sway you, that Democrats actually wanted this… I don’t know what to do other than to bring up a 3rd video…

In this short clip, the debate is on how the Democrats don’t understand the rights of others. This discussion breaks down a little about the constitution, and touches on what the Democrats seem to be trying to do. For years now, Democrats have been trying to regulate guns, and/or ban guns.

Regulate guns, yes. But taking it away will leave people vulnerable. This is actually happening in California as we speak. [: In-Depth Gun Laws of California, ABC11 News, : Sacramento Bee, : ABC10 News, : Why California’s groundbreaking firearms law is failing]

I used a variety of sources so you can draw your own opinion. I tried to go back to 2019, but Google searches don’t turn up good results I can use. That’s enough, though. I remember a story where you can buy guns, but you can’t buy bullets — to put it in synopsis. Furthermore, Walmart removed guns from their stores during the pandemic. [: WSJ]

? (?)”

Since the pandemic started, I have been speaking out against the CCP’s totalitarian actions. The CCP, via state-run, state-sponsored, state-mandated blog post threatened the world. Not just the United States. The link is in the description of the video.


There are many ways to fight back against the communist party of China. You can stop buying Chinese products, services, or otherwise. You can speak out against the CCP in places where the party cannot reach you or hurt you directly. You can even use Social Media to speak out. Just know, they’ve got some Social Media sites in their pockets, where they’re (Social Media companies) in cahoots with the CCP. Likewise, they’re using Social Media to subvert the young people here or abroad. You can even rap and mock them. Like a Rapper in Malaysia did…

Here in United States, you can speak out against a sitting president. But in China, you . You’ll either be “re-educated,” tortured, disappeared, or killed at maximum. If you’re lucky, you’ll just be canceled. Whether via Social Media, or at the workplace. However, it may not matter because Malaysian government sent a threat to China, at the same time…

It was not a verbal warning, Oh no. It was a straight-up warning. It sent a missile into the South China Sea, which China claims to have ownership of. Many countries in the neighboring area of the South China Sea are angry, so I leave you with this as an ending to this article…

‘Till then, stay safe, people!

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