I’m voting for Donald Trump despite your rage

Carlos Morales
6 min readNov 6, 2016

The media loves to spin stories to entertain you, and this is what Trump realizes.

Donald Trump giving a speech at a Rally

For almost 30 years, Donald Trump has actively been in business. He’s been buying up property after property, and amassed wealth. He climbed the corporate ranks to the point where he became a Real Estate mogul. Shortly thereafter, he went onto the national stage by becoming a television mogul. You’ve seen him on The Apprentice, and WWE. He earned your trust over the last 30 years.

I always thought Trump was a boring, yet entertaining person on TV. I mean, at 70 years old. What can you do? It’s impressive even at 60 years old, you could be an entertaining man on TV. Why else would you go onto WWE TV, and make an awesome Wrestlemania, with none other than friggin’ Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon on the same fucking screen? Hm? It’s for a long-term goal of Trump’s. But aiming for the Presidency? I didn’t see that coming. But it makes sense, though.

Like I implied before: Trump is old. He’s done it all. He’s rich, he’s famous, and as of right now, he’s becoming something of a legend. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping tabs, people… But when’s the last time a you saw a presidential candidate evoke so much controversy in short time during election season? I don’t remember anyone. I seriously don’t. When’s the last time you saw someone on TV, that had a street filled with people protesting a candidacy? Nobody.

I don’t watch news every day, but when I do, I applaud Trump. Because at 70 years old, Trump is doing the impossible. Every channel is covering Trump. But at the same time, you’ve got media corporations that would love to tear and smear Trump’s name and image for the sake of entertainment. Trump realizes this. He does it for a living.

I’m a marketing guy. The attention that Trump is getting is a marketer’s dream fucking come true. You would think that you’d get 1,000% sales on a daily basis. That’s something that should be remarked. I will quote Eric Bishoff (of the WCW fame), “Controversy Creates Cash.” Now, keep in mind, Eric Bishoff is the same guy that led WCW into the competition against WWE in the Monday Night Wars. He and Hulk Hogan created a faction known to the world as — the New World Order. How is that controversial? Well, it was a stable that was doing a “hostile takeover of” Monday Night Nitro (a WCW show), as a bunch of gangsters. It was controversial for many reasons, it reached, even the neighboring areas where WCW taped their events. 911 was called at one point because it was so real.

How is this relevant to Trump? Well, you guys were living in Trump’s marketing strategy the whole time. Think about it. Trump did not spend a single dollar to advertising on TV. Just a few TV ads in recent months. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Every single time Trump said something, the media’s there to rip his comments to shreds. Every time a leak happens, everyone’s talking. Every time a controversial topic is broached by Trump, there’s a line of people tweeting, sharing their stories on YouTube, Twitter’s Vine, and other media distribution. And he did this with no money spent. He just sat back, and let the controversy boil over.

Have a toast to your marketing strategy, Trump. I want whatever you’re drinking.

I’m not even fazed by these accusations by women, about Trump, at all. Because, they could have done this 20 years ago. Just now they’ve decided to come out with their stories? What? Yes, I realize Sexual Assault is a huge hot topic, and I’m not disputing that. What I am reluctant about is the fact that these women came out with their stories NOW, than 20 years ago. Whatever your reason; you should have came out immediately. You should’ve also told Trump: “I don’t like being touched that way. Please in the future, don’t touch me that way.” All these accusations just make me suspicious about your intentions, if you’re coming out NOW, than 20 years ago. The intentions could range from money, to fame, to revenge.

I feel the same thing about Bill Cosby. I mean, the guy’s about, what…? 80? Why didn’t these women come out when the incident happened? On top of that, Hulk Hogan, which is a cultural icon in the world of Wrestling, was a subject to a leak because the founder of a media corporation wanted hits (traffic) to his site, so he could make money.

Then, there’s the media. They spin stuff in order to make stories more explosive than what it actually is. This is the presidential election, I don’t care about your stupid fucking stories. I care about the actual election, where I get to determine who is the perfect job for presidency.

I don’t want another 8 years of the Obama administration. Now, don’t get me wrong; I liked Obama as president, but the Obama administration fell short of expectations. I voted for Obama in the last election. He was a smart United States president, that inherited the most troubling times in any president’s life. He inherited 2 wars, and was blamed for things that wasn’t even his doing!

By voting for Hilary Clinton, you’re authorizing another 8 years of Obama’s administration. She was already First Lady to the President. She had a chance to enact some things that needed changing. She is already Secretary of State, she could have convinced Obama to make changes that needed changing. Now, before you tell me “that’s not what a Secretary of State does.”

In the United States federal government, “Secretary of State” refers to the official responsible for executing the non-military and non-homeland security aspects of foreign policy, the analogue of the foreign secretary or foreign minister of a country that has one or the other. The U.S. Secretary of State is head of the United States Department of State. He or she is responsible for the administration of United States Embassies and their subsidiary units throughout the world.

So, by theory, yes, she could have done a lot of the things that she wanted changed. If she wanted a trade to be changed, she could have done it. If she wanted to change the way we travel to other countries — she could have done it! In fact, I implore you to watch Madam Secretary to see what Hilary Clinton does today. And eerily enough, the story of Madam Secretary reflects the current election in some parts.

Why do people want Donald Trump elected as President? Change. Trump’s current political scale is currently Republican. But did you know he was previously Democratic, Reformist, or Independently inclined? I don’t know about you, but that is the most rounded political figure you could ever come across. Hilary Clinton switched sides between Democratic, and Republican scales in her career. Now, let’s look at Obama: President Obama was purely Democratic the whole political time.

Why do you want Trump elected? Me? Well, I’m a startup founder. When I started my company, I was facing a tough time. My biggest challenge as a first-time founder is taxes. I’m a simple guy, I like simple stuff. When I was trying to do my corporate taxes. I’m reading the tax forms from IRS, and FTB. Yes, you have to send your taxes to TWO or THREE federal organizations that oversee your corporate profits, expenditures, and after-tax. This should be simplified. In fact, the wording of the forms should be more simplified, and straight to the point about what they want from the corporation. I’m more confused by the forms that I don’t understand where a particular thing goes. So, going by this, you’d need an accountant to look over your papers and see how to conform to IRS’, FTB’s, and Secretary of State’s standard. And hiring an accountant or accountants isn’t cheap. It costs money.