Inflation has been here for a while now, are you paying attention?

Carlos Morales
9 min readOct 7, 2021


Today, we’re gonna talk about Inflation. Most Democrats are saying “the economy is fine!” I facepalm every time a Democrat starts spitting out those words. I’ve been feeling the burnt of inflation for a while now. I lived in California for 36 years, I left in 2018. I argued with my brother and his fiancé, that the Democrats are causing these inflations. I abruptly destroyed that argument, because I’m seeing inflation before the actual inflation. If you think Inflation isn’t here yet… or you don’t think it’s gonna get ugly. You. haven’t. been. paying. attention.

But first, let’s define what inflation is…

Merriam-Webster [a literal DICTIONARY] defines it as…

: an act of inflating : a state of being inflated: such as


: a hypothetical extremely brief period of very rapid expansion of the universe immediately following the big bang

: empty pretentiousness : POMPOSITY

: a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services

That’s the definition of Inflation. Basically, if you see something going up, everything else follows suit. If Real Estate prices are up, then you are affected via loans, refinancing, mortgages, rental prices, and so on. If food prices are going up, you’re going to feel it. If prices of goods and services are up, then you’re definitely going to feel it. If gas prices go up, then you’ll realize inflation is here.

In California, we were feeling it. That was before the pandemic. I didn’t understand why our rent went up. And I did not understand why there are empty buildings on Mission Street in San Francisco… I’ll get to that, while I continue this article to set the stage. For now, let’s set the scene so you get it into your head. I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while now, but I needed to collect more information. More proof that inflation is here.

What are the dangers of inflation?

The phases of Inflation is as follows…


  • Inflation 2%
  • GDP 2–3%
  • Unemployment 4.5–5.5%
  • Bull Market (Note: We experienced this during Trump’s first presidency.)


  • GDP grows at 3%
  • Things are overpriced (READ: 2020 Pandemic panic buying)
  • Lucky $$ (Money) being made (Again, 2020 Pandemic)


  • GDP falls below 2%
  • Unemployment rate goes above 6% (Note: Mask Mandates/Vaccine Mandates/Decree by Biden)
  • Market drops (READ: Mass quitting because of said Mandates/Decrees)
  • Potential Recession [6 Months] (Already happened during 2020 pandemic but it wasn’t 6 months, it’s being said to be the quickest recession ever recorded. However, it wasn’t a full recession, it was a soft recession. We’re coming back to this recession, and it’s going to be dire. I’ll explain in a bit.)


  • Demand and Production sees growth
  • Unemployment goes down
  • Markets starts going up
  • End of recession

The thing is, all this could’ve been avoided. I watched the campaign trail of Joe Biden, and I really do not understand how 80 Million people voted for this guy. HE TOLD YOUHE WOULD RAISE TAXES. And he’s standing by that one point.

He told you! Right out there in the open during the goddamn campaign trail… And you Democrats voted for this piece of shit!? You, also had more than 47 years of content, to form your ideals of who this guy is…? Hell, I didn’t even know who Joe Biden was, until the Obama administration. During that administration, he did screw up a few things. We’re talking about an administration that includes Hilary Clinton, who failed the Benghazi incident.

  • He used the power of the White House to broker deals with Ukraine, then later, China. It was unearthed not even after the election. It was done before any of the Pandemic, or the scandal itself. That link is an old article from 2019, and HAS been confirmed.

And, that’s not all. Hunter Biden’s Laptop was “lost” (ahem; stolen). In the linked article, there are many links to previous stories, so follow the trail and understand where all this started. (Just so you’re not sure, here’s another link.)

This is not the first time I’ve been spoken out about these so-called “Democrats.” The democratic party does not exist today. About 80% of Democrats are Socialists. My citations are at the end of this article.

I’ll start from the most recent, to the past, just so you understand how bad it is, then I’ll pull some videos for you to listen carefully. Some people like text, some people like audio, and some like a mix between them. Anyway, here we go:

That post by the fed? It’s being echoed by a former member of the Fed as early as the 2020 Pandemic started…

In July, she was back in full force responding to the inflation that kept happening during the Pandemic, and during 2021…

At this point, inflation was ALREADY underway. It was not “upcoming.” It’s just going to get worse, and she echo’ed it.

One more: She interviewed Jeffrey Edward Gundlach, an American investor and businessperson…

If that’s not enough for you, I’ll post more:

I’m using 3 sources for the chip shortages, but if you really pay attention, this has politics written all over it. Most chips are made in China, Taiwan, and other places on the other end of the world. And this is not made up, most people know this. Here is Business Insider confirming such information.

The problem is, Biden is compromised by China. By now, you should already understand that China “owns” the Bidens. Most politicians are “paid for” and sponsored by China and another person named “George Soros.” Those District Attorneys in your local government? All paid for by those two parties. Yahoo says “Why Biden can’t fix the semiconductor shortage,” but fails to understand that this is more complicated than just “fixing it.” Biden AIN’T going to be tough on China, because if he does… It’s all over for his presidency. Not just that, maybe even killing, disappearing him, the family, and what have you. We’re talking about a government that’s a communist.

It’s basic blackmail. China threatened many countries recently, but is focused on 2: Japan and Taiwan. According to China, Taiwan is a Chinese “state.”

China threatened United States themselves…

And, the thing is, I don’t think China is alone in those cyber hacks… I can tell you that Russia, by proxy, is helping the cause. You all know about the Russian meddling back in 2016. Just remember that. Democrats were crazy with the headlines over Russian meddling, but that does not take away that they had something to do with the hackings of U.S. equipment, despite Trump’s inquiry, and negotiation towards peace.

That being said, I’ll go ahead with few more sources, and move on…

If you’re planning to get a PlayStation 5, tough luck, because it’s selling out every single restock. This is due to multiple issues: Retailer gets restock, scalper knows about it, buys it in bulk, sells it for profit. Demand for PlayStation 5 is through the roof, so even if a legitimate customer buys one, the next person in line is angry, because there’s no more for him. This is also because of the aforementioned chip shortage.

This affects more than just game consoles, it also affects cars, computers, computer parts, computer chips, just about anything that has to do with chips. You want the latest GeForce RTX card? Sorry, bub, scalpers are buying them in bulk, and even then, there are shortages of chips. The pandemic did not help matters, it pushed a lot of people to panic buy everything, and anything.

That panic buying started with Toilet Paper…

There is a food shortage, too…

That’s not all, China is holding the fish industry hostage, too…

I’ll keep this brief on this part: China claims to have “ownership” and sovereignty over the South China Sea, which has neighbors like Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam — likewise, have been saying “Uh… No.” They’ve also been spilling garbage into the South China Sea to prevent them from fishing there. China also has a military island in the center of the South China Sea. Yup, that’s why the fish shortage is real.

Next Inflation is: Avocado. Now, to be fair, we have Avocado growths in California and Florida, but make no mistake, prices are going up. Before the pandemic, we’ve had cheap Avocado prices, but expect that escalate as competition becomes hot.

More inflation: Gas prices. Back in California, our gas prices was $3 a liter. During pandemic, this exploded. There was a massive panic buying spree. However, this was made worse by President Biden because he signed to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.

Update: Since writing this article, prices of gas have shot up: $5 or $6 a gallon. In one town, gas is $7 A GALLON.

And U.S. is not alone in this:

Now, let’s move onto a very, very important subject: Real Estate!

In your neighborhood, you probably wonder why it’s SO fucking hard to buy a house. This is true in California, it’s true everywhere else.

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Update: New updates have been released talking about inflation, this is the result of what I’ve speculated in this article…

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