Introducing myself, CarlosX360

Carlos Morales
6 min readNov 19, 2021


Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Carlos Morales, otherwise known as “CarlosX360.” I’ve been on Medium for a while now, but I haven’t formally introduced myself to the Medium ecosystem. I was looking through the recommended reads in e-mail digests recently, and I discovered how to thrust myself into the e-mail digest. Yup. This is a “Hello World” post.

I wrote an article semi-introducing myself in a previous Medium post, but that was more of a startup pitch than it is an “introduction.” If you are an investor reading this post, here is my 5 second pitch

Video Games is a 130 Billion dollar industry. Call of Duty is in the lead currently with 250 Million copies or customers reached, and each quarter they accumulate $1 Billion. CarlosX360 is a global network of blogs and forums in the video game industry with 1 Million Users worldwide, and 3 Million pageviews worldwide.

Please Note: This was written in 2019. Since then, Call of Duty: Warzone was released, and grew into a 70 Million player Battle Royale experience. Market size should already be 400 Million “installed base.” For more information on the CarlosX360 fundraise, check this Quora post I made about 2 years ago.

To introduce myself and lay out a story for you, we’d have to go back 39 years ago. I was born during the peak of the Cold War after we’d finished the 2nd World War. I was born in Nicaragua, which during the Cold War, was a dictatorship run by a Soviet Union General or at least a Soviet Union sympathizer…

I’m using a picture as a way to bring spotlight as to where I was in the whole thing. I was oblivious to this, I was just a kid at the time. I was just living my best life during this time, all the way to the early, to mid 90’s. I did not dive myself into politics at all, I’m just some normal dude who’s a gamer. 80’s and 90’s were ripe with the rise of Arcade games, and Video Games. I’d played Atari, but it was boring. Nothing about it made me go… “Mom, I want this for Christmas.” And then… about a year later, I was introduced to Nintendo.

The rest, as they say, is history. I was introduced to Genesis. PlayStation.

I got popular in Middle School. I transferred all that popularity into High School. I was living on the edge of life. Little did I know… There was a 3rd Cold War. The 1990’s riots, to me, looking in hindsight, and made me understand why everything happened. 2020’s riots and pandemic did not make any fucking sense. But, now, because I’m older and wiser, I can navigate the next 3 to 5 years. I’d have to keep tabs on it, though, because I built a business in 2010. I put that business into suspension, on hold, until I figure out how to get out of this chaos.

If I seem like I am leaving out information here, it’s because I already covered most of it in previous Medium posts to archive my thoughts and reference them later. [They are linked at the bottom of this post.] However, I will keep this brief: In 2010, Democrats were building up their infrastructure that would ultimately result in the 2020 election, where Trump lost. In 2010, I was in college. I saw the first signs of Critical Race Theory, and I dropped out following conversations with professors, counselors, supervisors, and the damn principal! My mother and brother did not understand, and quite honestly, I didn’t either. There was no name for it.

CRT is currently making parents pissed off and causing mass removals of their kids from indoctrinated schools. CRT didn’t stop there, either. In 2015, I went back to the workforce only to find discrimination from my immediate supervisor. I let it go for a while until she did something that was not very professional. I reported the harassment to the store manager, and I’m not quite sure what happened, but that was the last time I saw her. Few weeks later, I hear that the store manager was leaving. I’m still not sure what happened. One year later, once I’ve quit and moved to another state. I learned that the company was sued. Now it makes sense. My supervisor was a Karen! Keep in mind, this was a battle of bosses, and they were both women. I feel bad for my store manager.

Did you think CRT stopped there? Nope. I was partying in between college, work, and everything in between. With the business on the side. I was at a festival, I came to an argument between a friend of mine, and a police officer. I was not having it, and argued with that officer on why he shouldn’t be bothering my friend. I don’t remember much about it, but I’ve been told by my mother that I was defending her. I was thrown down, arrested because I spoke my truth to an abusive officer.

So, forgive me if I am using Medium as a way to speak out against the current spate of Democrats, because this authoritarian movement isn’t going to fly in my world. This is my story, this is my introduction. Now that I’ve told you my story, here’s my message…

I use Medium as a separate entity from my own website(s) because of branding. Politics was dirty before 2016, it got dirtier after Trump became president. We almost never heard of Trump’s controversial “past” or the lack thereof. Well, now, we are in the midst of Trump’s great triumph where he is known as the greatest president ever to helm the United States. Stories on Medium have now aged horribly. Like “Democracy is being Taken from Us,” like Trump is going to destroy America. Nah. He loves United States. He loves this United States of America. I agree with Trump’s promised polices, and he favored people like me. The working man, the businessman. I loved California, I love this country. But the left is trying to destroy it. You’re seeing it in real time with the inflation, the shortages, and the stupidity of Biden. “Eh, Trump is stupid.” Well, excuse me… did you see what Biden did over the last 6 months? He is being compared to Jimmy Carter, and his result is he dropped inflation lower than him by a hair or two. And here’s the kicker: IT’S ABOUT TO GET WORSE.

If you are a leftist, and don’t love this country. Nobody’s forcing you to stay! Nobody’s forcing you to be a resident, or a citizen! So, fucking leave! Take your leftist ideology, and go to a country that loves your Socialist ideas, your Communist ideas!

China (and I mean the CCP) loves your Socialist ideas, and your Communist ideas, so book a ticket there. Go on.

This rant, this video encapsulates my anger towards all of these leftists that talk about ‘oh, our Democracies are being taken away!”

In closing, I apologize for the political messaging as an introduction, but all this crap is just mind-boggling. Let’s go Brandon!