“Why are taxes so high?”

Carlos Morales
8 min readJul 16, 2020


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Today, my mind was loaded with ideas. So, I posted a new status update to Facebook. And in that moment, I was on fire, so parts of this article is pulled straight from my own status update. I’d like to expand on it, because we’re actually in the middle of an election year. The next few months is going to be a breeding ground for the political battleground. I want to go deeper. But I want to lay the groundwork so I don’t have to repeat myself later. This article lays the groundwork for future articles.

Today, I will focus entirely on why taxes are so high. This is important to me because I’m a business owner, and I am also looking to own a home at some point in the future.

First, let’s talk about politics for a second here, because it’s relevant to the discussion. You have two major parties in the U.S. Senate/Congress. There’s Democrats (Blue Counties/Districts/States), and there’s Republicans (Red Counties/Districts/States). There is no “middle party,” well, there’s a third party or Independents, but it’s rare. Extremely rare. The “Final Fight” is usually won by Democrats or Republicans.

Most presidential candidates lean only on one side of the asile. It’s rare to see a president switching sides of the asile. Donald J. Trump is the most rounded president we’ve had in recent memory.

Okay, so What’s a Democrat, and what’s a Republican? Without reading interjected ideologies by pundits, I’ll go with facts. I’ll draw from Wikipedia and Dictionary to describe what a Democrat or a Republican is.

A Democrat is…

“The Democratic Party’s philosophy of modern liberalism blends notions of civil liberty and social equality with support for a mixed economy. In Congress, the party has influential centrist, progressive, and conservative wings. Corporate governance reform, environmental protection, support for organized labor, maintenance and expansion of social programs, affordable college tuition, universal health care, equal opportunity, and consumer protection form the core of the party’s economic agenda. On social issues, it advocates campaign finance reform, LGBT rights, criminal justice and immigration reform, stricter gun laws, and the legalization of marijuana.” (Wikipedia’s version)

Definition of democrat

1a : an adherent of democracy

b : one who practices social equality

2 capitalized : a member of the Democratic party of the U.S.” (Merriam-Webster version)

Click “Democracy” for more information if you’d like. “Democrats” has the same definition as “Democrat,” but if you type in “Democratic” you’ll get this:

Definition of democratic

1 : of, relating to, or favoring democracy (see democracy sense 1) democratic elections a democratic government

2 often capitalized : of or relating to one of the two major political parties in the U.S. evolving in the early 19th century from the anti-federalists and the Democratic-Republican party and associated in modern times with policies of broad social reform and internationalism the Democratic candidate for governor

3 : relating to, appealing to, or available to the broad masses of the people democratic art democratic education

4 : favoring social equality : not snobbish disagrees with her very democratic husband” (Merriam-Webster)

A Republican is…

“The 21st-century Republican Party ideology is American conservatism, which incorporates both economic policies and social values. The GOP supports lower taxes, free market capitalism, restrictions on immigration, increased military spending, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, deregulation and restrictions on labor unions. After the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party opposed abortion in its party platform and grew its support among evangelicals. The GOP was strongly committed to protectionism and tariffs at its founding but grew more supportive of free trade in the 20th century.” (Wikipedia’s version)

Definition of republican

1 : one that favors or supports a republican form of government

2 capitalized

a : a member of a political party advocating republicanism

b : a member of the Democratic-Republican party or of the Republican party of the U.S.



Definition of republican

1a : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a republic

b : favoring, supporting, or advocating a republic

c : belonging or appropriate to one living in or supporting a republic republican simplicity

2 capitalized

a : democratic-republican

b : of, relating to, or constituting the one of the two major political parties evolving in the U.S. in the mid-19th century that is usually primarily associated with business, financial, and some agricultural interests and is held to favor a restricted governmental role in economic life” (Merriam-Webster version)

Now, notice anything? Democrats want to govern the corporations that pump money into the economy. Republicans want to deregulate, and restrict government interference with corporate interests. This is not just fixated to Corporations. This goes backwards all the way to S-Corps, LLCs, LLPs, and other company structures. Corporations are just the main targets, because Americans often complain about the gap between the rich and the poor. Most of them complain about growing tax hikes, growing wage imbalances, just in general financial pains. You saw it yourself with the riots after George Floyd’s death.

Months before Trump was officially announced as president, guess what happened? I saw the minimum wage being raised. I saw tax breaks. There’s another minimum wage hike around 2024, if I recall. As I write this, employees are hourly waged at $11/hour if you’re a new, entry-level employee. But soon, $15/hour is going to be the norm. At least in California, it will. You know who used to make that kind of money? The middle fucking class.

Labor Unions are bad in general for companies. It’s a form of bullying. The way unions work, is they come up with a “win-win” strategy (their contract on behalf of “employees”) to strong-arm corporations into meeting them half-way. But in reality, the corporation that is on the receiving end of this, is strong-armed into a “win-lose” situation. In other words, corporations bleed money for the sake of the workforce. Yeah, so you wonder why you get laid off? You wonder why you’re fired 6 months later when your work bears fruitless? You wonder why your paycheck doesn’t show, lets say …your health benefits? Your dental benefits? That’s why. Money doesn’t appear in a magical rainbow, people! C.E.O.’s have to answer to INVESTORS. Or in the case of the LLC/LLP… the members.

I find it funny that the dictionary for “Democrat” says “one who practices social equality,” because their version of “social equality” is flawed when you look at it from the corporate/company standpoint, and as an employee. Most Democrats are racists, so who is it that they are “socially equal” to anyone? Yeah… Moving right along.

I was trying to find Trump’s latest campaign trailer, it was posted on Instagram lately. The reason why I am pushing political stuff here (on Medium) is because nobody’s paying attention to candidates’ AGENDAS. The reason why California is in chaos right now is because you are voting for the same people. Over. Over. Over. And over again. When shit hits the fan, you will wonder “Why is the taxes so high?” (Or rather “Why are taxes so high?”) It’s a simple answer.

When you own a home, you’re taxed every year. When you own a business you’re taxed every year. When you are employed, you’re taxed every year. When you buy things, you’re taxed. When you pay for a service, you’re taxed. When those things go up. Look at the Democrats. Obama is a special case, because his ideas while flawed in some places, he’s smart. He didn’t get anywhere close to the subject of taxes. Why do you think that is? He’s black, he knows the poverty that the blacks have to go through. Trump noticed this, and capitalized on this. Throughout his 2016 campaign, he pushed the subject of taxes the whole time through. I don’t remember a president doing that. Not once.

[Note: As of this writing, Trump is running for re-election in the 2020 Election.]

In the 1990’s it was Bill Clinton, who was a Democrat. I was a teenager then, so I didn’t follow politics at the time. George Bush who was a Republican — made some stupid decisions. Nothing else. It was his stupid idea to take a vacation, golfing with his buddies, rather than paying attention to a looming attack from Bin Laden, which caused 9/11. By this time, Clinton already started a fight with Iraq because of Saddam. So, we were embroiled into two wars. At the same very time, we had a looming recession which burst in 2007. I do remember that period, it was when I got Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The difference between Trump and Bush, is easy. He (Donald J. Trump) was (ahem; is) working overtime. Just how a president is supposed to be! His original idea was to poke North Korea’s buttons, but instead, he made peace with North Korea’s president. Out of the left field was China, and the pandemic. This is more the U.S.’s collective faults that the pandemic hit. We relied too much on China to solve our problems. (A subject I recently covered.)

If you have reached this far, and hasn’t understood what I meant by Democrat’s reluctance towards tax breaks, here’s a snippet from Barack Obama’s Wikipedia

“Within a month of the 2010 midterm elections, Obama announced a compromise deal with the Congressional Republican leadership that included a temporary, two-year extension of the 2001 and 2003 income tax rates, a one-year payroll tax reduction, continuation of unemployment benefits, and a new rate and exemption amount for estate taxes. The compromise overcame opposition from some in both parties, and the resulting $858 billion Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 passed with bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress before Obama signed it on December 17, 2010.

In December 2013, Obama declared that growing income inequality is a “defining challenge of our time” and called on Congress to bolster the safety net and raise wages. This came on the heels of the nationwide strikes of fast-food workers and Pope Francis’ criticism of inequality and trickle-down economics.”

Obama was obviously lying at that point. This is actually the Democrat’s ideal situation. “Keep them poor,” they said. Moral of the story? Democrats is for the poor, and Republicans are for the rich. If you are aspiring to become rich, or are in the mindset that you’re “rich,” or you’re actually rich. You want to get richer, and voting Republican is the way to do it.

The fact that Barack Obama waited until his second term to solve the taxation issue is, and should have been alarming to anyone who pay attention to politics relating to taxation, business, finances, and whatnot.

If you are a Californian, and want to have a resurgence after 2020. Look to your history to see how the story went: In 1990, you voted in a Republican.

And this is your flag…

California Republic

I enjoyed my best years in 1990’s in California. Can we go back in those times, and enjoy our lives again? Please?