YouTube is shooting themselves on the foot repeatedly — for what?

Carlos Morales
9 min readApr 23, 2024

I’m gonna start something new with this article, I’m gonna make this a thing on this blog. I’m going to masquerade this article as a tech review. The implication of this article is far-reaching, because YouTube is shooting themselves on the footrepeatedly. For what!? I am a marketing guy, and people don’t actually understand what that kind-of job is, and what it does in a corporate setting. Don’t believe me…? Take a look at this image:

The issue wasn’t the feedback, bro. The issue is your snide remarks. Okay?

Let’s begin this article with “What is YouTube?” No, seriously. Because YouTube seems to be forgetting who they are, and where they actually are. I want to say this at the end, but people like getting to the point — so I’ll come out and just say it: YouTube admires Netflix. YouTube admires Netflix. YouTube wants to be Netflix.

But, as a marketing guy, I’m confused. YouTube… you want to be Netflix…? In a surprising twist, YouTube. I’m talking to you. Listen to me when I’m talking to you — You already ARE Netflix. All these movie studios flocking to your “service” and giving you subsidies. Yes, YouTube, your platform is being subsidized by these movie studios. What you essentially have is a “Hollywood.” A digital Hollywood. They are on your platform already.

What YouTube is trying to be is a subscription service with a controlled environment of “quality” service. So, you know how you go to Netflix, and you “download” (which is streaming, by the way) the movie from the service? Netflix decides what goes on the platform. YouTube wants a similar “system” in place. The problem is, the community at large is fighting against you (YouTube). So… let’s go back to the question…

What is YouTube?

YouTube was originally known as a “Broadcast youself” service. Where you upload videos to the website. Simple enough, right? Over the years, YouTube has accumulated over 2 Billion views worldwide. Great!

Since then, they’ve expanded to include Livestreaming, and these “shorts” which are short-form videos that are a Minute long. 60 seconds to be exact. These shorts were made to compete against Tiktok, and Instagram.

What’s the problem?

Well, they need money. The thing is, the parent company is Google. Google owns many services. One of them is AdSense, which subsidizes their business on the backend. Great “partnership,” you’d say. But that doesn’t even cover their costs. The issue, and I covered this in another article on Medium, the issue is their business structure is not ideal for the type of business YouTube is. You see, YouTube is a Limited Liability Company or “LLC” for short. This means, each executive have to pay their share. Why YouTube kept this company structure? So the government doesn’t look at them as a monopoly. I’ll come back to this later. So, keep that in mind, though. To be clear: They are acting like a monopoly. Like I said, I’ll come back to this later.

Another way that Google subsidizes YouTube, is through manual YouTube advertising. So, YouTube has niches from all walks of life. Movies, Television shows, Night Time Shows, News outlets, Politics, and more. All of these entities pay money to YouTube to keep the company running. And, hey, it’s not bad. It’s not all that bad.

Then, what’s the problem?

YouTube is attacking the little channels. They seem to forget the actual reason why the business is the way it is — it’s because of THEM. I wish I had YouTube when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out. YouTube was released 2005, but YouTube was originally just a upload service. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released 2007.

You’d need either a camera or a PVR device to record your gameplay. Today, most game consoles ship with livestreaming capabilities. PVR devices still exists, but not in the same form it was before. A lot of the technology has improved over the years. But, I wish I could go back in time, with the technology we have today, so I could record gameplay that I wish others saw. I was in my room by myself in 2008, when I was playing so well, at the height of CoD4, I was doing matches with 25 Kills to 0 Deaths. Or the moment I won a match and I killed 3 players consecutively, at the same time. That moment, I wished was recorded.

That’s YouTube. That’s what you’re solving for your customers. Those moments being recorded in real time.

Okay, what’s the problem?

As I said before; YouTube has been attacking small channels. Copyright claims has been a big problem for YouTube since going back to the copyright system being implemented. But now it’s ridiculous. Copyright claims are a big problem, but today its arbitrary. You can just get reported for smallest fucking bullshit possible.

I attached this image here for a reason. It’s because I uploaded the above video on September 21, 2021 — and I got dinged on March 17, 2024–Two. Years. Ago. Wait a minute here, YouTube, YOU SAID… swearing is fine, just not in the first …what… 1 minute of the video? Oh, here… This is what you said: “Content that contains profanity or vulgarity at the start or throughout the majority of the video may not be suitable for advertising. Occasional use of profanity (such as in music videos, backing tracks, intro/outro music, or music played in the background) won’t necessarily result in your video being unsuitable for advertising.” [Source] Here’s you saying out loud this is the case…

Furthermore, many websites have reported that this is the case. So, I went like “Okay, fine. I’ll just do what they say.” And then, you want to ding me for something YOU said it’s fine… Nah. Some loser reported it, and you obliged like a scrawny little bitch. That’s what you did.

42 Subscribers… and you want to shadow ban my account…?

Wait, Shadow Ban? What?

Yeah, ShadowBan. There’s a whole hashtag for it. So, on YouTube, a #ShadowBan is a way for YouTube to mess with your account, your growth by throttling your account by many ways. Most people look to search bar not showing your queries, but really… it’s more throttling your growth. YouTube has a recommendation(s) system, and now they’re currently testing a new automation. But I’ll focus on recommendations for the time being, because the new update just went live to allow for something else and will permeate in the next few months.

Take a look at this. My channel was growing, and doing JUST fine the way it was. My best videos had high resolution gameplay. I was trying out my PlayStation 5, and reviewing Final Fantasy XVI, at the same time. But after the age-restriction, YouTube shadowbanned my account…

And, this is NOT because people aren’t interested in the topic subject or my videos. No, no, no. And Hell No.

First of all, Stellar Blade is coming out April 26, 2024 — that’s two days from the publishing of this article. Final Fantasy VII Remake should be getting views because Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out, but the reason why I delayed that walkthrough series, is to set up my “story.” And at the same time, I’m afraid of the copyright system. They dinged my account for that, too.

I’m not too fussed about this, because it’s one region. A region that nobody cares to do business with.

The shadowban isn’t going away, because no matter how many times people view the videos, my views count keep going back down to zero. This gives the idea that my videos aren’t generating any views, which is HORSESHIT. And we got people like Sean Cannell, of “Think Media” saying that ShadowBans don’t exist, and parrot comments like “Make better videos!” Complete bullshit.

So, automation?

There’s a new YouTube app update, that is “recommending” videos by autoplaying their videos. Without the user’s consent. And for the most part, it’s autoplaying for companies that YouTube favors. We already know that the homepage is YouTube’s curation system for the mainstream media. And “favored” channels.

This is just one of many things that I think YouTube is shooting themselves on the foot for. I’d rather have my own videos be recommended. If I am watching Timcast on my own accord, I shouldn’t be diverted to mainstream media’s garbage videos. I don’t want left-wing videos, YouTube. No, I don’t!

This should have been a system that would be better suited for the “playlists” that you apparently aren’t giving that much thought to…

Like I said before, YouTube needs, and/or wants more money. YouTube, on average — per year, makes $30 Billion dollars. But they are losing money on the backend, so their solution is to either drive more sales to YouTube Premium or take subsidies from advertisers that advertise on their platform. Or take money from foreign adversaries. China is one example, because they keep displaying TikTok ads — Don’t think for a second I didn’t notice that. (Which I did.) Temu is another example of a service that is permeating YouTube. Or take money from DEI companies. (Ahem; go woke.)

YouTube is going to war with adblockers and has been for the past year. However, at their detriment. I’ll embed a video so you can understand the problem…

And, actually, I agree with the video.

These AdBlockers were born with the idea that of stopping malware from being injected into your system becasue of ads. What YouTube is trying to do here, is get people to trust AdSense. Which most people do, the issue is with the 80% of the ads that are on the internet. However, there are bad actors on YouTube that are doing the very same things that we put adblockers for.

This is just gonna end up driving people away from YouTube. Yes, the website itself. But, ya want the ad revenue… YouTube.

Big Picture Problem

The problem with YouTube, and Google — since they’re the same damn company. Is that there are woke revolutionaries inside their own company. Don’t believe me? Here’s Timcast…

If I’m Google, or YouTube, I’d fire every single one of those losers. Or don’t hire these Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (D.E.I.) morons that disrupt the working environment. These woke revolutionaries don’t do anything for your company, seriously. They don’t… they are so stupid, they’ll believe anything…

YouTube is a monopoly (Conclusion)

I believe YouTube is complacent. I believe that YouTube (and Google for that matter) need to be sued in some way. #ShadowBans and other issues are making YouTube look like a monopoly. They have a large marketshare of the video industry. They compete with the likes of Twitch for livestreams, TikTok for short-form videos, Instagram for short-form video.

Rumble is competing with Google at video, and they have innovations that YouTube is really jealous of. Because with Rumble, you can host websites, you can host videos even though you’ve never registered, and whatnot. Rumble isn’t competing with YouTube out-loud, but YouTube feels threatened, but the thing is, they keep banning and/or shadow banning people for everything from good reasons, to arbitrary reasons, to “I can do whatever the fuck I want” reasons. So, people leave to Rumble. This is on you, YouTube.

Google is a cloud company, too. Rumble has cloud infrastructure that makes them jealous. Because the infrastructure is allowing for internal uploads of videos. It’s hard to understand unless you use Rumble.