If you want Socialism in America, you are in for a rude awakening

Carlos Morales
6 min readJan 7, 2021


The United States Capitol Building

Yesterday (January 6, 2020), Capitol Building was swarmed with protestors, rioters, and other violent clashes. The media has been, and will continue to smear Trump Supporters as the “bad guys” behind the chaos. Donald Trump didn’t help matters when, in the previous day, he told his followers/supporters to protest Capitol Building. The protests were a mixed bag of peaceful protestors, and violent rioters. There are videos showing the first protestor entering the building, with their hands up, while persisting to protest the Capitol Building. Others will show you destruction of federal property, defacing property, and even taking over the actual assembly where the Electoral Votes were counted.

But the media won’t show that (ahem, or rather “those.”), they will only select videos showing violent protestors, and the battle between violent protestors, and the police. I’ve been talking about this for months, and years. I’ll link all my articles here at the end of this article, or at times as I go on.

Right after the riots, I posted this on Facebook in response to the riots…

The thing that gets me about this “swarm” of capitol building, is that people still want to hate Trump. No. One. Understands. Why. Hey, don’t complain when the Democrats wins the presidency, and goes full Socialism.

Here’s what you guys don’t get: Trump isn’t the issue. The Democrats are. I’ve been talking about Socialism for MONTHS, none of you read anything I said, or understand what Trump is fighting for. None of you. All of you idly just stand by, and let Democrats win.

They have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. They have the Majority Lead of the House. If Joe Biden is announced, inaugurated as President… Don’t complain. Don’t cry. Don’t even… Don’t even try to justify why you voted for him. Because Socialism is coming…

WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT. You voted Biden in! So sleep where you may. That’s your bed, lie there, and let it sink in.

This would be your fault.

Because, I warned my Facebook followers, readers that this fight that Donald Trump is in? It’s not to win the Presidency. Really, it isn’t. He does want to win the presidency, yes, but not for the reasons you think he does. This fight is for your freedom, YOUR rights. This is a fight for America. This is your country, no matter what race you are from, no matter where you were born. This. Is. Your. Country.

I am a citizen, so I have as much right to call it my country, as anyone who was born here. Now, back to the subject at hand: This fight is not over, and it’s not for the presidency. I mean it is, but bear with me for a second here. This fight is for the battle against Communism, AND Socialism. [I call them all the same, just so we’re clear. I explained this here.]

I voted for Trump in 2016 & 2019, because I believe in his vision of “Make America Great Again.” I do. And before you go crazy and hate me. I voted for Obama in 2008, and I regret it. Because Obama (and by extension the Democrats) created new groups, built infrastructures to counter a republican taking office. [Explained here.]

I’m scared of what the Democrats has become. I don’t recognize the current Democrats. Most of them are now on the left, or the extreme left [Socialism]. If you go on Twitter, and you speak out against any Twitter user, you will find stupid people, low IQ losers who will blindly get angry over the smallest things, to the big things, and most of the time, they don’t even know why they’re arguing.

Currently, the House of Representives have elected full slate of Democrats into power. The Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi, who is a San Francisco Democrat. The Majority Leader is a black man, also a Democrat. I am not familiar with who he is, and what his name is, so please forgive me. That’s not my point here is, though. My point is, the house is predominantly Democrat at this point, when the whole riot took place.

  • Democrats and Republicans have been fighting about the 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks since AUGUST 2020.
  • Trump and Pelosi either met or had a phone call to negotiate the final Stimulus bill, months before the election in November. Pelosi dangled the Stimulus win in front of Trump to prevent his November Win.
  • Mitchell McConnell blocked the Stimulus bill once everyone was like “Okay.” (I’ll talk about this guy later.)

So, the riots, the unrest is a symptom of a large population of people who are tired of the political mind games. We have a pandemic, people are out of jobs, businesses have shut down, stimulus checks have been up for grabs since AUGUST!

Most people don’t realize that. They just assume that Trump is doing this for fun, and I see your articles, like this one. Many assume Trump wanted this chaos, but I don’t think so. And you can see it in his speech during his final rally…

Once the chaos at the Capitol Building was over, the House of Representatives elected Joe Biden to be the President of United States. They don’t get it. Joe Biden isn’t the right president to take helm of United States. Joe Biden is the establishment “Swamp” that Trump has been trying to drain since the 2016 election. It’s in his marketing. It’s one of his campaign promises, but the house is complicit with the Democrats. The house is controlled by the Democrats.

Let me tell you guys right now: You are in for a rude awakening. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris released a video RIGHT after the elections to talk about “What is Socialism.” Don’t get confused by the video embedded below, and make no mistake. It. is. Socialism.

Joe Biden has been in the senate for 47 years now. And as you’ll see in the next few videos, the Chinese has been trying to build relationships with Biden and the establishment Democrats for decades. The thing is, Biden has been working with the Chinese for a very long time. This isn’t a joke, many outlets have been reporting this for a while now. The NYTimes posted this article on January 6, 2021 — the same day as the Capitol riots. In December 2020, there was an article about Hunter Biden in relation to these claims. Let’s go backwards now. September 2020, there’s another one. The rabbit hole keeps going deeper and deeper. I found this brilliant video to help you to understand what is going on…

Joe Biden’s Systemic Socialism

Yeonmi Park was a international superstar when she took the stage to talk about her time at North Korea, and Valuetainment gave her a platform to speak her truth about Socialism…

If you want more from Yeonmi Park, the sequel to this video is here on YouTube. The video is more about the education system, which is failing in Socialist California. If your kid is in the Public School system in California, now would be the time to yank them out of there.

Now, if at any point of you reading this article, you thought “Socialism isn’t here, bro!” Um. Yes, it is. You see it all the time on Twitter, Facebook, and any Social Media website. Moreover, you’ll find videos where people are documenting arguments with the left-leaning Socialists…

If you want to see more of his videos, check out Vladimir Jaffe’s channel on YouTube. He chronicles the ignorance of people who are for Socialism. Vladimir Jaffe is from Soviet Union, which is currently dismantled.

As promised, I will now show you what a Chinese professor said about the establishment Democrats…

At this point, there should be NO fucking question, in your mind, that Joe Biden is the president that China wants in power. If you voted for Joe Biden, you should be feeling ashamed of yourself. If you voted for him, when Socialism is in your face, like it did for me in 2015/16, in California, where I was arrested for no goddamn reason. Other than defending a friend of mine. Don’t complain. You voted him in. The house of Representatives certified this guy into office. All of you will learn the hard way..

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Here’s a bonus video for your viewing pleasure. You hate Trump, but I implore you to calm down…