If you want Socialism in America, you are in for a rude awakening

The United States Capitol Building

The thing that gets me about this “swarm” of capitol building, is that people still want to hate Trump. No. One. Understands. Why. Hey, don’t complain when the Democrats wins the presidency, and goes full Socialism.

Here’s what you guys don’t get: Trump isn’t the issue. The Democrats are. I’ve been talking about Socialism for MONTHS, none of you read anything I said, or understand what Trump is fighting for. None of you. All of you idly just stand by, and let Democrats win.

They have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. They have the Majority Lead of the House. If Joe Biden is announced, inaugurated as President… Don’t complain. Don’t cry. Don’t even… Don’t even try to justify why you voted for him. Because Socialism is coming…

WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT. You voted Biden in! So sleep where you may. That’s your bed, lie there, and let it sink in.

This would be your fault.

  • Democrats and Republicans have been fighting about the 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks since AUGUST 2020.
  • Trump and Pelosi either met or had a phone call to negotiate the final Stimulus bill, months before the election in November. Pelosi dangled the Stimulus win in front of Trump to prevent his November Win.
  • Mitchell McConnell blocked the Stimulus bill once everyone was like “Okay.” (I’ll talk about this guy later.)



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