My startup pitch during pandemic (late 2019–2021)

Box Art and Game Disc of Video Games
PlayStation 4 games: Final Fantasy, Diablo, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Modern Warfare, and God of War

Why are you writing this article?

Well, why did you move?

I regret voting Obama.

Okay, you got a minute to pitch, then…

So, what’s the problem?

Why is that?

What’s your point?

But, how much does it cost to reach Call of Duty numbers?

Isn’t Video Games saturated?

How are you going to make money?

What about after the game is released?

Any other business models?

How are you going to scale this business?

What are your challenges so far?

What is your strength? What makes you “different”?

What are the opportunities?

Uh, that’s not funny, Google.

What are you doing in Alabama?



Founder & C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co. Ltd.

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