Google and Bing are kneecapping themselves.

Carlos Morales
6 min readJun 11, 2022
“Even Google Adsense is bending their knees to the CCP.”

I have been around the internet since the age of the internet boom/decline of 1999. I’ve seen many websites come and go. I’ve seen the beginnings of e-mail, the beginnings of chatrooms like AOL, I’ve seen beginnings of Social Media. I saw internet growing in 1995. So, I spent all day, after school typing, self-learning not just the keyboard, but the actual internet infrastructure.

I’ve been battling Google in silence for years now. And they’re increasingly getting more evil, more communist, more controlling than ever before. You know, it’s one thing to lock my account out because the threshold was broken (for me it was $257 in my Adsense account a few years ago…)

Carlos’ Google Adsense was locked.

…The other is locking my account because of Google’s idea of “invalid clicks.” 1. I have never told anyone to click on my ads. 2. Maybe someone from another country is doing it? Okay, I can put up with a little bit of loss like Christmas 2020. Keep some of that dough, Google. Yeah, go on.. steal my money.

This is nothing compared to the censorship that is currently ramping up on Google’s services, the big one being Adsense. Whoever is sitting on their ass, twiddling their thumbs and bending their knees to a communist country, would be fired under my control.

The story image above is a real video. This is my way of talking back at Google. I posted it on my instagram, facebook, TruthSocial, Gettr, and Rumble. Because if I uploaded it to my YouTube channel, that stupid, communist robot or stupid moderator at YouTube will not approve it. This is not a conspiracy. In fact, my Adsense was hit again, but this time, this is a communist moderator reporting an OLD POST FROM 2020!

An old post from 2020! What the FUCK!?

This is what I saw when I logged into my Gmail account…

Google Adsense Violation notice

I thought… “What …the… fuuuuuck?” “What did I do?”

I checked out out the policy center…. To my surprise… policy violation.
“Dangerous or derogatory content.”

Stop right here. Hold up. Hold up, hold up… You’re telling me… THIS post….

Full thread where Google reported for “derogatory” content.
Full post reported

I installed FireFox to cap that screenshot. No other browser has this feature. (Brave, Edge should already have this.) I don’t know about you guys, but that whole thread is… beautiful. People are being thoughtful, cordial, respectful, and was done during the Pandemic, where everyone is mad. (Obviously because of the 2020 riots…)

And even if it DID have derogatory comments…. it’s 2020… and I fucking closed the thread! This didn’t make sense until….

So, some communist at Google thought it would be a GREAT idea to go into my old post, report it to Google Adsense, and moderate it as a new violation!

Someone said “YouTube is dead.” Actually, the better way to describe it is “YouTube is slowly dying.” It’s not dead, as in post-mortem. This story doesn’t just apply to me, either. There’s currently a YouTuber drama going on as we speak. TheActMan was getting harassed by another YouTuber, and YouTube sided with him. YouTube did not understand the context of the drama, did not understand how to handle it, and is currently blowing up on Twitter, where YouTube claims to be working with TheActMan to ensure amical resolution. Other YouTubers are currently collateral damage in the ordeal because YouTube, and by extension, Google — doesn’t really give a shit about their customer base. Your customers, Google… isn’t some criminal living in fucking communist China! Your end customer is the business folks, advertisers, YouTubers, and people like me. I’m a combination of at least 3 of those metrics. I’m making YOU money, dum dum.

I love Google’s products.

I don’t want to have to change. YouTube is the place to go for your video uploads. Google’s Adsense is the place to go for Ad serving, because Adsense is the leader when it comes to competitive payouts. Nobody else in the ad serving industry beats Google at payout rate or rates. Google is the place to go for search, but as the video embedded above succinctly put it: Google is favoring flawed actors like China.

There is no product that blends Search-Video Uploads-Ad serving into a single ecosystem that helps the end user succeed. However, Google thinks YouTube is and I quote the C.E.O. “Is too big.” If you don’t like YouTube, Google, then fucking sell it! I would love to be a C.E.O for YouTube. Even with the issues it currently has. It’s a matter of WILL to fix it that is your issue. You don’t seem to care about the end user, and will bend your knees to a communist party that is silently killing your platform… And the worst part isyou don’t even know it’s happening. (I’m talking about YouTube with that comment.)

I spoke about this before — Twitter, Facebook, and now, Google and Bing which is owned by Microsoft — are all kissing China’s proverbial ass. I don’t have a problem with the people of China, but rather the Chinese Communist Party (CCP for short.)

Go ahead, support a party that has concentration camps, disappears people, LIES to their citizens, and is committing genocide to its people. All this… has been confirmed, many times, yet… you let them get away with whitewashing the truth. You are on the wrong side of history… Google. And that’s why your company is dying. You kept the blinders on, and people are killing your platform while you have your blinders on.

Oh, no… You’re not getting away that easy…


Microsoft has been innovating for a while, but at the expense of others. Windows 11 was released, but is slowly becoming a Ad serving business.

I’ll let someone explain the situation better:

Here’s the sequel if you’d like…

One more for good measure…

Currently drawing a blank right now, so I’ll just end the post right here. But yeah… Those are my thoughts so far… Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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