The next Civil War isn’t gonna be in the south like history says, it will be a different kind of Civil War, and California is the heart of it all.

Carlos Morales
5 min readDec 16, 2022
Black clad woven clothes worn by Antifa Members

In the last 3 months, we’ve had a lot of stories popping up that lead us to the next big issue. I will only use videos this time rather than links to pages unless warranted. This story is ongoing, and has been simmering for a while now. The start of all this, is back when Occupy Wallstreet protests got widespread on the streets. Tim Pool has been covering the story, and following the story since his tenure as Vice reporter/commentator. Fast forward to the 2020 pandemic, which ultimately brought the “Summer of Love” protests (that’s putting it mildly, let me make this clear — they’re riots. Not that much any different from the 1992’s Los Angeles riots.)

I somewhat covered this in a previous Medium post or posts, but it more focused on online conversation, that’s a whole ‘nother conversation altogether, but it influenced the “Summer of Love” riots, and is still influencing what’s going on today. Society in United States is collapsing because there is a culture battle between multiple groups. It’s not one, anymore. Antifa is going around, causing chaos when they can. They did it in Portland, and California. Mostly Democratic cities, or states.

A lot of people don’t understand this is actually a Cold War. We’re in it. Right now, we are in a ideological battle against the colloquial left. All those crappy movies you watch? Did you notice anything in them? All those weird commercials? Did you notice anything in them? All those videos on YouTube? Did you notice anything? Propaganda. The mainstream media is collapsing onto itself, because they’re lying to people to their faces. Magazines, newspapers. Lying. Online blogs? Lying. Even your government is lying to you. You needed Social Security to pay off bills? Sorry, bub, but Joe Biden lied to you.

What’s my point? Well, right now, the Democrats are aligned with the left. I explained this before, not as in your face, but subtly, because if you’re from California. And you’ve lived California all your life, guess what? Everyone you know — is a Democrat. You can’t be a Republican in California. You can’t. Arnold Schwarenegger won governorship, but ALWAYS got into gridlocks with the “One Party” Democrats of California. They even seceded from the Union. So, for the most part, they won’t adhere to federal law. They’ll work with federal agencies, and the Democrats that are in congress, but if a Republican comes into office, they won’t adhere to federal law.

Now, Antifa for the better or worse, has been silent for the last …6 months to a year now. BUT, they’ve been causing chaos in places you don’t expect. Atlanta is one such place. Atlanta for the most part leans Democrat, but has a Republican governor as a state. Georgia is MAGA country. Officers arrested Antifa members who torched their government buildings, and some civilian locations, and setup autonomous zones. And this is not the first time they’ve done so: In Portland, they set up “CHOP,” and killed anyone who came into their zone. Yes, that actually happened. Read here for proof. More here. Google it for more if you’re interested. Tons and tons of articles talking about it.

I’ve embedded Tim Pool’s Timcast segment, because I actually agree with his sentiment on a Civil War coming, but I differ on the location. Or where it’s gonna be. California has been invaded, and has been for a while now. You know about the Fentanyl drugs slipping into the border for a while now. Who’s supplying these drugs? Mexico, with the help of the CCP. That’s not all, these Cartels have invaded California in a large scale. Eventually, this “partnership” is gonna backfire on the CCP, and China at large. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid decision. First of all, Mexico and Mexicans are the most passionate people you will ever find. Latinos work very hard for their money. They work really, really hard for what they want. If they don’t get what they want…? Guns to your temple is the result. You are not gonna put a wool over their face, and manipulate those people. I fucking guarantee you that.

Nah. Nah. CCP thinks they’ve got this figured out…? My prediction is instead of focusing on the invasion of U.S., they’ll turn around and point their guns at China. Bet.

My thing is, these California politicians are stupid. Gavin Newsom is an IDIOT. Record high forest fires, water droughts, rising crime, and then you have the invasion angle. Therefore, I believe that California is going to be the heart of the upcoming, full-scale Civil War.

I’m sorry, Gavin Newsom, but I love California. I have lived in California for 36 years, and I have never, ever seen the magnitude of a mess you’ve made in California. I believe that California is going to collapse across the board, and this invasion will be CCP’s opportunity. However, having said that: What happens if Mexico doesn’t get what they want from China, or CCP? It’s only a matter of time, before they get pissed off and go after CCP.

Mexico is gonna be a Super Power for a while, to deal with CCP. If you look at history, silent revolutions have happened in Mexico, and it ended pretty badly for the opposing country. If there’s an ally that I’d want on my team, it would be Mexico.

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